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BitTorrent Copyright Infringement

File Sharing & Digital Copyright Infringement Attorney

Peer-to-peer digital file sharing allows computer users to share books, computer games, movies and music with each other. These P2P networks enable the transfer (or “sharing”) of billions of music and movie files every year. While some artists may find digital file sharing to be a useful tool in building a fan base, other artists – and owners of intellectual property rights, such as the MPAA, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC - find P2P sharing to be a serious copyright infringement that bites into their profits.
The financial impact of file sharing can be significant, which is why the MPAA took legal action against copyright infringers, resulting in some file sharing networks being shut down. But a lot of file sharing continues on services such as:

  • BitTorrent, which facilitates file sharing through a decentralized server and independent networks
  • Kazaa, Gnutella and Gnutella 2, which operate without any central servers
  • Freenet, RetroShare and other “darknet” filesharing networks that provide anonymity to those who share via decentralized or round-robin servers (such as Pirate Bay)

The BitTorrent Crackdown and Copyright Trolls

BitTorrent is a protocol used to share large files using lower amounts of bandwidth. Over time, BitTorrent became a popular forum for sharing music, movies and published works. A court ruling in 2012 found that some file sharing on BitTorrent infringed on the rights of copyright holders. With that ruling emerged a new variety of lawyers nicknamed "copyright trolls.”
These lawyers obtain lists of IP addresses to which a particular work was downloaded, find the name and physical address associated with that IP address, and then initiate legal action against the IP owner. Of course, they have no way of knowing if the IP owner is the person who actually downloaded the file.
While it’s understandable that businesses with a significant investment in intellectual property would be concerned about protecting their financial interest, in many cases it is an innocent person who receives a threatening letter alleging copyright infringement and then a subpoena to appear in court, facing charges for an offense they did not commit and for which there was no factual proof.
Dallas trial attorneys Warren V. Norred and Christopher Chad Lampe have experience defending of people facing allegations of filesharing copyright infringement or other copyright infringement, quashing subpoenas and answering the few suits that copyright trolls actually file. Few lawyers have handled digital IP cases; we have. Our goal is to avoid a conviction in your case at the least cost.

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