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Dallas-Fort Worth Trade Secret Litigation Attorney

Few would argue against the suggestion that a company's trade secrets are its lifeblood. When trade secrets are alleged to have been misappropriated or there is a dispute over whether the company or the employee is the rightful owner, parties on both sides have rights that need to be considered.

No matter which side of a dispute you may be on, it is important that you have skillful representation from a reliable Dallas-Fort Worth trade secret litigation attorney from the start. At Norred Law PLLC, we represent employers and employees on both sides of these cases. We also represent third parties in unfair competition claims. Our experience in these matters includes the resolution of disputes over inventions, proprietary software, processes, a particular client or an entire client list.

Non-Compete And Non-Disclosure Agreements In Trade Secret Disputes

In many cases, the outcome of a dispute is largely reliant on the contents of a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement. While many of these agreements provide the employer with certain protections, some of the language can be interpreted in a way that does not restrict the employee in the manner that the employer intended.

Our firm's extensive experience with the drafting, interpretation and litigation of non-disclosure and non-compete agreements allows us to be much more proactive in our efforts to secure a positive result for our clients. We listen carefully to your concerns and review the agreement to identify any terms that may have bearing on the dispute. We will present the strongest possible argument to support your position in the matter and do everything in our power to resolve the matter to your benefit.

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