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Dallas-Fort Worth Trade Secret Misappropriation Attorney

A business's trade secrets are arguably its most valuable assets. The consequences could be devastating for a company if its proprietary methods and private information were known by the general public. Steps must be taken to ensure that your company's trade secrets are protected to the fullest possible extent.

At Norred Law PLLC in Arlington, Texas, we represent clients throughout the United States and around the world in a wide variety of cases involving unfair competition and the misappropriation of trade secrets. As a licensed Professional Engineer with 15 years of experience in the engineering field, founding attorney Warren V. Norred understands the importance of protecting intellectual property and how to develop plans that safeguard it.

Building The Right IP Protection Plan For Your Business

One of the most effective methods of protecting trade secrets against misappropriation is the use of non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. These agreements can help to prevent employees and business partners from misusing the company's intellectual property and provide you with a means of legal recourse in the event that the agreements are violated. We represent clients at every stage of the process and stand ready to advocate for your rights in court against any attempt to compromise your trade secrets or other intellectual property.

Trade secrets can include a broad range of assets, including the following:

  • Chemical formulas
  • Business processes
  • Computer software
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Client lists

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