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Most businesses know they need to protect their trade secrets. They are less sure what kind of information they need to protect, and what is the best way to protect it.

The standard approach is to require that employees sign non-disclosure agreements that restrict them from divulging mission-critical information. Employers merely offer continued employment for signing the statement (and termination if you refuse). This kind of agreement is not legal. It is a "one-sided contract." More is needed than a piece of paper.

'If You Have A Picnic, There Will Be Ants'

Employers need to know that valuable information will tend to be leaked. As the saying goes, if you have a picnic, there will be ants. Examples of valuable trade secrets would be your list of customers or vendors, marketing plans, proprietary formulas and manufacturing methods. In order to be considered protectable, the information must have demonstrable value.

Finally, to be classified as a true trade secret, the law requires the implementation of certain business procedures and practices. Norred Law PLLC is adept at advising on what procedures to implement to protect trade secrets.

Sought-After Arlington Trade Secrets Litigation Lawyer

At Norred Law PLLC, we make it our business to go deeper than having employees sign a mandatory document. We start at the bottom of the problem and work our way up. We begin by:

  • Identifying valued information
  • Creating a trade secret protection program that fits that client's business
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements
  • Drafting non-compete agreements
  • Having policies in place that apply to employees who leave
  • Responding legally against leaks and information theft

When You Can't Prevent Lawsuits, Win Them

To protect mission-critical business information, you have to lay down the law. At Norred Law PLLC, our intellectual property team can help you do that. We create lawful and effective non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements to keep your valuable information from being disseminated.

Effective Arlington Non-Disclosure Agreement Attorney

Our law firm assists companies in creating non-compete agreements with employees to prevent future complications. We minimize a business's risk by creating and signing an agreement that key employees will not compete illegally against it.

Lawyer-Drafted Confidentiality Agreements That Stand Up To Scrutiny

Norred Law PLLC will work with you to define what information requires protection, and then to create protective covenants that work for your business, and can be enforced when necessary.

Protect your mission-critical business secrets. Call Dallas-Fort Worth non-compete attorney Warren Norred at 817-704-3984, or email him using this form.

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