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Norred Law provides services to individuals and small firms up to about $5 million a year in intellectual property, bankruptcy, and litigation. Those offerings makes Norred Law a great partner for business start-ups and reorganizations. A quick run-down follows, but there are detailed pages regarding these services:

  • Civil and commercial litigation: From small claims in the Justice Court, tow cases and smaller contract disputes in the County Courts, and defamation, real estate and larger business disputes in District Court, up to federal patent infringement suits, including American Disability Act claims and claims to defend our clients' First Amendment rights, we enjoy experience at all levels of the judicial system.
  • Business Matters: Because we so often assist people and businesses with the repercussions of their previous choices, we are well versed in helping clients to start businesses and avoid trouble by proper contract drafting and proper business entity creation.

We serve clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, throughout Texas, the nation and even have provided intellectual property assistance to clients in more than 50 countries. To discuss your needs, send us an email or call us at 817-440-4366.

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