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The individuals seated are attorneys. The individuals standing are non-attorney support staff.

Anyone can take care of your traffic tickets – we do hard things.

Navigating through legal issues can be highly stressful. Assistance from a litigating attorney can mean the difference between expensive frustration and peace of mind.

Some of our services are available to clients all over the world. For example, we handle patent and trademark matters for clients residing in the U.K, the former Eastern Block, the Middle East, and the Russian Federation. In this past year, we prosecuted patent rights for clients in more than 50 countries.

For those who reside in and around Tarrant County and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, We provide legal services in a personal manner, typically regarding litigation and bankruptcy matters, but you can always call us with your question and we will seek to help you, or refer you to other qualified attorneys.

Whether you have a new idea that needs protecting and are looking for someone to help file a patent attorney, in financial trouble and in need of bankruptcy protection, or you are involved in some legal lawsuit, Norred Law will work hard to help you achieve your goals.

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  • 1 Be available for clients. In survey after survey, the number one complaint about attorneys is that clients feel like they do not know what is going on in their case. To be frank, keeping clients abreast of every development is not easy. To address this goal, we maintain an electronic communication system so clients can log in and see what the status is, and we do our best to respond to queries within 24 hours.
  • 2 Establish reasonable expectations. Clients often seek a goal without regard to cost. We seek to assist clients to understand that the goal they have in mind may cost far more than they wish. Sometimes litigation comes with attorney fees, and other times it will not. Even when facing bankruptcy, we can help to extricate clients from difficult situations and avoid bankruptcy. To ensure that clients are not surprised, we to to always use a written contract that discusses goals and costs. When goals change, we try to keep a summary of those discussions in writing so no one is surprised as a case goes forward.
  • 3 Serve our community. As a law firm, we understand that we are uniquely positioned to fight back against overbearing corporate and governmental institutions, and we feel a duty to act as a countervailing force against those organizations. Though we cannot accept every case that comes into the office, we are determined to be involved in at least one case that we consider "white hat" law - cases which, when decided, will have an impact on our society and which are not adequately addressed by other legal forces.


The management of Norred Law, PLLC envisions the firm as an organization that is focused on intellectual property, bankruptcy, and litigation issues.

We seek to provide quality work at reasonable prices to individuals, businesses, and other law firms which do not offer the services we provide.

We believe that attorneys should establish long-term relationships with their clients, and that one sure means to ensure stability of a law firm is to ensure the growth of its clients by providing helpful representation.

Acknowledging that attorneys occupy a unique position in our society, Norred Law will seek participation in legal processes that defend the common liberties which citizens of this country have traditionally enjoyed.

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