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Norred Law has represented people and companies in a wide variety of litigious proceedings. Our more complex law suits have included federal law suits concerning patent infringement, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, and defending companies against American with Disability Act claims. Our Texas-based suits tend to involve breach of contract issues, defamation cases, and deceptive trade practices, but we also routinely help people with more simple matters, such as evictions and illegal towing in small claims courts.

Our litigation tools include a substantial investment in legal databases and other references, and regular participation in legal conferences to keep abreast of the most recent changes in the law. Principal attorney Warren Norred has also conducted training for other attorneys regarding attorney fees and certain Texas state law nuances.

Our law firm does not employ a win-at-any-cost model unless that model fits your circumstances. During our initial consultation, we'll discuss your situation in practical terms, with fee expectations and the various end game scenarios. Based on your goals and financial realities, we'll devise a feasible plan to handle your matter and put your mind at ease and will result in a collectible judgment, a cost-effective defense, or whatever the appropriate conclusion might be.

Litigation can be expensive, but choosing the right attorney can be the difference between an affordable lawsuit that wins at a reasonable cost, or a Pyrrhic victory that leaves you with empty pockets and a worthless judgment. Give us a call, make an appointment, and we can discuss your situation, 817-704-3984.

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