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Dallas-Fort Worth Intellectual Property Licensing Attorney

Coming up with a good idea is wonderful, but it won't make you money. To make money you have to sell it, and that usually means licensing the invention, trademark or copyrighted item to a third party to manufacture and market.

Dallas-Fort Worth Intellectual Property Licensing Attorney

Licensing provides the developer with revenue, while allowing third parties to tap into your intellectual property. Licensing is the answer to these common problems:

  • You have developed a new product or technology and now you need help manufacturing or producing it.
  • You can manufacture the product but you have no distribution channel or sales force to put the invention into the marketplace.
  • You have created a terrific technology but it does not fit your business plan, so you license the technology to a third party for whom it is a good fit.
  • You impose licensing as part of infringement litigation. If the other party wishes to sell your idea, let them first pay you for it.

Arlington, Texas, Patent License Attorney/Engineer

At Norred Law PLLC, we provide businesses and inventors with the licensing contract and technology transfer expertise that gets their ideas and products out into the marketplace. Attorney Warren V. Norred is not only an experienced intellectual property lawyer, but a licensed practicing engineer himself.

A poorly drafted licensing agreement gets you nowhere and may cause you to lose claim to your own idea. A sound licensing agreement that covers every eventuality is the foundation for years of profitable sales.

Our Dallas-Fort Worth intellectual property licensing lawyers are a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers that is committed to helping clients protect and profit from the inventions and products that they have created. To discuss your licensing and other intellectual property questions, contact us today.

Forging Mutually Advantageous IP License Agreements

By licensing production or distribution of your idea to another company, you are better able to exploit the value of your intellectual property than you could ever do on your own.

Our office is in Texas but our clientele is global. Tell us about your ideas and ambitions. Contact Dallas-Fort Worth intellectual property licensing attorney Warren Norred by email or by calling us at 817-704-3984.

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