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International Copyright Protection

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International Copyright protection is important whether you’ve written a book in Weatherford, Texas, sculpted a work of art in Sandpoint, Idaho, choreographed a dance in Omaha, Nebraska, or developed a piece of computer software in Atlanta, Georgia, the entire world is waiting to see your genius.
Sometimes it’s waiting to copy your genius, which is why you may need an international copyright lawyer.
In the countries where it exists, copyright provides many or all of the same protections for the creators and owners of creative works that it does in the U.S. Unfortunately, there is not one version of copyright law that is recognized by every country in the world. Some countries do not have any laws to prevent copyright infringement.
There are two international treaties that provide copyright protection for creative works – the Buenos Aires Convention and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

  • Under the Berne Convention, automatic copyright protection is given for at least 50 years after the creator’s death or the first showing of a film (or a minimum of 25 years for photographic works). But the Berne Convention also fixes a term of protection not longer than the term found in the country of origin of the work. More than 160 countries are party to the Berne Convention.
  • The Buenos Aires Convention covers works created in much of North and South America, as long as the creative work contains notice that the creator claims copyright. The Buenos Aires convention differs from the Berne convention in that it allows for shorter terms of protection – the term in the country of origin or the term in the country in which protection is sought.

Both of these Conventions streamline the process of protecting artistic works with copyright. Both make it possible to seek protection and compensation if copyright infringement has occurred.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights

Norred Law PLLC, brings two strengths to the practice of international copyright protection: our connections with a network of international IP law firms across the globe, and our experience and confidence taking difficult IP cases in court. International copyright lawyer Warren V. Norred is a skilled trial court litigator, ready to tackle tough cases … but equally available to talk with new artists about their exciting introduction to the world.

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