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Non-compete agreements can be extremely valuable tools in the process of protecting your business interests. When an employee leaves the company, a non-compete agreement can help to ensure that employees who may be inclined to resign and use it in another position or start their own businesses are legally prohibited from doing so.

Texas laws regarding non-compete agreements have changed considerably since 2011, and laws vary significantly from state to state. If you are in need of a non-compete agreement that protects your business interests, having a qualified Dallas-Fort Worth non-compete agreement lawyer can be invaluable.

Committed To Protecting Your Business Interests

At Norred Law PLLC, we are diligent in our pursuit of comprehensive solutions that provide the greatest level of protection for our clients. We have a complete understanding of the law regarding non-compete agreements. We know the requirements for drafting an agreement that will stand up in the event of a dispute, and we are fully prepared to represent our clients' interests in court if one of our non-compete agreements should be challenged.

We take a customized approach to every non-compete agreement we write, ensuring that any unique issues to your business or industry are considered. We learn about any special issues that may impact the verbiage that would need to be included in your company's non-compete agreement and make sure that they are addressed properly.

The state of Texas is looser than some other states in the enforcement of non-compete agreements. Here, employees are not prevented from leaving one company and going to work for another in the same industry except under specifically permitted conditions. Overly restrictive agreements are not enforced. Our law firm can ensure that your agreement will serve your needs while also remaining enforceable, or analyze the enforcement and repercussions of your current agreements.

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