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What is a business's prime asset? The intellectual property it has amassed. A company that does not own and control its own ideas and information will soon lose its value. But properly secured with patents, an organization's intellectual property is a source of continuous revenue.

Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced and skilled IP lawyer to obtain, maintain and defend the rights to your own ideas.

Experienced Fort Worth Patent Law Attorney

Of the three major IP protections — patents, trademarks and copyrights — protecting patents is the most important, the most complicated and the most costly.
Our firm works with patents in almost every industry, including electronic and biomedical products, consumer products, and oilfields. We have represented large corporations to machine shops, from R&D teams to individual inventors. Wherever good ideas are hatched, we are there.

From Application Preparation to Patent Infringement Prosecution, We Are There For You

We work at every stage of the patent process, from patent search to applying for a patent to registering the patent to filing the patents with different agencies to licensing production to litigation of patent infringement.
Typical clients are small to medium-sized business that have created an idea or a process they wish to exploit. But we are happy to serve businesses of any size, from multinationals to sole proprietorships. Though our offices are in Texas, our clientele is global.

Southlake, TX Patent Litigation Attorney

At Norred Law PLLC, we respect the power of ideas. Innovations drive our economy and define our character. So we make every effort to give new ideas the opportunity to take hold and succeed. Patent protection is a crucial part of this process.
We want to know more about your ideas and ambitions. Contact Dallas-Fort Worth intellectual property law attorney at Norred Law PLLC, by email or by calling us at 817-704-3984.

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